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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Removel of the Int. Side Panels (michael)

Removal of the Int. Side Panels I had a idea. Let's save some work and leave the side panels in place. We can insulate and cover them over. But the wall chair support has to go which also supports the panels. So I got some self-tapping screws and set them at the bottom of the lateral supports. With a 1/2 inch drive drill motor I removed the large Phillps head screws and........... BANG. The whole unit hit the floor. LOL, so much for saving time. Back to the old addage"if you do it right the 1st time...". On the bright side, we have more salvage. Now I have to remove all the self-tapping screws. Once I got it cleaned up, I found a nice clean wall we can properly insulate and cover with bead board. Also, the panel spacers are held in place with a sealant and come right off. I can't wait, I have to do some framing.
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