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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Floor and A Back Splash for the Lass (michael)

Floor and A Back Splash for the Lass
Well, the back splash was 1st. Dad (Randy Smith) came over to help with Mrs. Jones. I cut the 1/4 inch hardi-board just before he got here. Don't want him sitting around drinking coffee all day! LOL. While Dad worked on the back splash I put up the light fixture and a cabinet in the bathroom. Christi and I talked about flooring last night. We had picked up some laminate flooring for a real good price a few months ago, but when I went to install it in the salon, it would not lock together. It was to go in the kitchen also. No joy on that! So we do have extra tile from our friend George. We only need a little Hardi-board, glue, screws, mastic and some labor. Oh, Dad! Christi ran to the box store for supplies and Dad and I used up what material we had and started to tile the kitchen. Christi also said she would like one of those counter tops that fit over one sink so she could have more usable counter space. So, I made a cardboard template of the sink opening then rough cut the piece of counter top I cut out for the sink. Dad pulled out his router and cut a seat in it then cleaned the edge up with a rasp and belt sander. Good Job Dad!!! Then Dad said, "Can't we put that flooring in the bedroom if we screw it down, its better than nothing!" OK, we can give it a try. Hey, What do you know? It worked. It's not permanent but it will do for now. Christi arrived with more supplies and made us lunch. Bonus! We ate and got back to work. We finished the bedroom floor and then put the rest of the Hardi-board in the kitchen and cleaned up. Good day Dad, Thanks.
Note: Yesterday I piddled around as Christi painted and stained. I just wanted to finish up some almost done projects. So, I installed the 50amp Genny plug, cut and set the closet poles, ground off rivets and screw tips, nailed off the interior wall coverings and drilled the rest of the holes for the plumber to name a few. I have to say that sometimes during a project like this, some days seem like nothing gets done even though you worked hard all day. Just sit back and look at the whole picture. Every little thing you do brings you closer to your goal. Your Dream. I can see mine now, How about you?
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Little Work, A Little Play (michael)

A Little Work, A Little Play, A Lot of Mother's Day
Today Mrs. Jones got the rest of her wall coverings courtesy of Jeff, some more paint by Christi, and I, 2 lights and plumbing prep; hang the valve board, affix the water pump and drill the holes for the waste pipes and water supply lines. Christi started sanding the pantry doors and prowls the bus. Now we are off to the Home Depot to get the h2o heater and other supplies. Our son, Jared wants to take Mom out to eat. The plumber may come by and start on the lines. I'll cross my fingers.
Happy Mothers Day to all of you.
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