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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Cabinets and the Kitchen Sink (michael)

More cabinets and the kitchen sink I set the sink base but something was wrong. The cabinet looked like it was listing. I checked the measurement to the ceiling at each end of the base and sure enough, the floor is built at a slant. About a 1/4 inch in 1.5 feet. The sink base is a 1/2 inch out of plumb. So I cut and placed a 1/2 inch shim under the forward edge of the cabinet and screwed it to the floor and then to the wall. A straight edge continued the line along the wall to the corner and side wall. I used 2x4's screwed to the wall for the counter support. Then I attached the 18 inch base, shimmed, to the sink base in an island configuration. Set the counter tops and cut in the sink. The 18 inch draw base fit on the opposite wall, add a counter top and were done. Well, I still have to build the cabinet for the oven. I'll do that soon.
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A Post to Toast (michael)

A Post to Toast
My Dear Toast, Christi and I think you and the Doc. are doing a fine job. We will be on the Road in just 60 days. Can you believe it? Our son Jared, a true tween, will be going to his dads' in CA for 7th & 8th grade. There is a small chance that he will come with us and we will home school. Christi has been reading your War Intell and will implement your tactics. We tried the traditional home school program before and it was a total flop. We truly believe you have paved the beaten path for a HS system that WORKS. Now for the important part, where do we send the Care Package??? Stay Safe, M&C
For those of you how don't know of her, her blogging was the catalyst for us to take the Giant life altering step into the bus and blog world. We will forever be grateful to Toast.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bathroom Tile Grout (michael)

Bathroom Tile Grout
Dad is at it again! Randy Smith came back to finish the bathroom tile job. He bought a big bag of goodies for Mrs. Jones (the Bus), IE: sand colored grout, sealer along with all the tools to do the job. I have to say" They don't make them like him anymore". He dove right in and in 5hrs. he was done with the shower AND he did the floor too. He stated that he needed to have the Boss sign off on the work, So he went and got Christi. No! not me, Christi! She gave it her blessing. Then dad packed up this tools, cleaned up and refused money for the supplies he brought. I think Mrs. Jones is in love. What a guy!
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