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Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello All, it has been a long time since I have posted an up date;
Very sorry about that.
We landed in Winterhaven, Ca near Yuma in Aug of 2015. We have been managing a RV park. It needed a lot of work in all departments and we have been at it for over a year. The park is really coming along. Would love for our friends to stop by and say Hi.
Sans End RV Park
2209 W. Winterhaven Dr
Winterhaven, Ca
FB= https://www.facebook.com/groups/sansendrv/
All the Best, Michael & Christi

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Planning the Big Move Back

Planning the Big Move Back. Yes we are moving back to SE AZ. 
 It's where we meet, married and where happiest. We have agreed to stay out of Public/City service (I, Michael, was the Building Inspector among other titles for the City of Tombstone, BIG TARGET!!) where ever we land. 
   Our son Jared is finishing high school and going off to collage in CA, we will become "Empty Nesters". We are currently house hunting in Sierra Vista, AZ area. We lived and worked in and around Tombstone and still have family there. Now we are moving back.
Christi works as middle mgt. at Target here in St. George and will transfer to Sierra Vista. I am am by day mgr. of a commercial complex, sell RV's for a dealership, rebuild cars/trucks for sale, have online store and carve stone art, By night I sing.
 It is our hope to find a home with an acre and set up our new home base. We have been here for aprox. 5 years and are ready to return. 
We are still Rolling With the Flow

All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bad deal, broken promises and untrustworthy people, time for a change.

Hello All, it's been sometime since I last posted. Christi & I have been taking more then our fair share of punches for the last two years. Bad deal, broken promises and untrustworthy people seem to be inundating our lives. I know it's our/my own fault, I let them in my life but, come on. Seems when you are down that the only kind of people that show up at your door. We just have to be more careful. I have just turned 55 y/o and I have to stop and reflect on my bad decisions. Why do I year after year, decade after decade constantly let, yes Let! people take advantage of my good nature and pull at my heart stings for the wrong reasons? It has to stop somewhere so, now is the time. No, I'm not going to turn into a bad guy and do unto others as they do unto me. I will just have to stop and think the whole thing through. Get it in writing. It's tough not to get angry at some of the people in the past that have cost us our retirement ($) and the loss of years, yes years of hard work when there is nothing to show for it. I have always dealt on a mans word and a hand shake and its sad I have to abandon that. Just doing the right thing is not always the right thing anymore. Hard work does not always payoff anymore. This day and age the scammers have the upper hand and even more so due to the shift of wealth in our country. One has to think it through, then think again. If you are feeling desperate, you can make bad choices. I realize that I am to blame for all my decisions but it was wrong for the people we trusted to lie, cheat and steal from us and we can't afford to let that happen again.
So, to all our friends out there we have two words for you "Thank you" for your support and kindness and for all who have done us wrong, here are two words for you..........................................................................................................God Bless!
All the Best, Michael & Christi

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Missing our Bus friends

Wow, what a busy year! Christi & I were sitting here and going over our last year and what kept coming up was missed Bus rallies like The Q at Smith Ranch, The GM rallies at Larry & Carol Hall's place and around Tucson, St. George Utah and others. We had so much fun with you guys. Over the summer in Dixon, Missouri we had visits Bob of the North, Melbo & Billie, Doug Olson to name a few that made us miss our Bus frinds even more. So Christi & I want to say Happy Holidays to you and yours, be safe and we hope to see soon.
All the Best, Michael & Christi Hargis

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well I fired up Mrs. Jones today just to move her to a new resting place. She sounds so good. She wispered " lets go ". I backed her in and shut her down. I miss the road! All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, what to do with Mrs. Jones?

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, what to do with Mrs. Jones? We moved out of Mrs. Jones! No, not because she is broke and not because we don't like her anymore. We needed more room. Our son Jared is 13 years old and growing. When we converted the bus we designed the floor plan for two. Jared was going to live with his father in Ca. and finish school. Christi and I hit the road touring the west. now a short time after Jared came back with us and we found ourselves living in a Bus built for two! So we tried a house for 6 months but hated it. We weighed all our options. The Bus had to be remolded before we could use it for the three of us, so we bought a 5th wheel (RV) and moved into it. It is a 33 ft. with three slides. Wow, we have a lot of room now and we love the lay out. Jared has about four years of school left before he goes off to collage and we will live in the 5th wheel until he goes off to concur the world. So here we are "Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, what to do with Mrs. Jones?" Now we are back to looking at all our options again. We, Christi and I, talk about remodeling her with slides, new bedroom, up scale counter tops, you know, all the dreams we all have and think a bus should be. Then we think we should look for a factory built bus and avoid all the work, but that would mean selling Mrs. Jones! And for what, 18 - 20 grand in today's market? Any Bus Nut need a Bus? We really don't know what to do, but we do have time. "I can't find my watch! Honey, What time is it?" All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Fever 2011 Bus & RV RallySt George RV Resort( ENCORE Resort)

Spring Fever 2011 Bus & RV RallySt George RV Resort( ENCORE Resort)5800 N. Old HWY 91Hurricane, UT 84737(435) 879-2212 Office(435) 879-2422 Fax(435) 237-2322 Cellhttp://www.rvonthego.com/St-George-Resort-campground-profile.html Rally Dates: April 28,29,30 & May 1 & 2, 2011(depart on the 2nd) It's time to mark your calendars and make your reservations for the "SpringFever 2011 Bus & RV Rallly" From Cedar CityHeading south on I-15, take the Leeds Exit (23). Turn left towardHarrisburg, then turn right on Frontage Rd and continue for 3 miles to theresort. From St GeorgeHeading North on I-15, take the Zion Park/Hurricane Exit (16). Continue onRte 9 for 3 miles. Turn left at Quail Creek State Park, onto road #318(which is Harrisburg turn #318). Go right at the first stop sign. Resort isfirst on the right hand side. RVers, Bus-Nuts with finished or not so finished coaches, Dreamers,Wannabes,Lookers & Curiosity Seekers are welcome. Reservations: Reservations can be made online @http://www.rvonthego.com/St-George-Resort-campground-profile.htmlor make your reservations directly @ (435) 879-2212. Please mention SpringFever 2011 Bus & RV Rallly.Early arrivals are welcome and will receive the group rate. Rates:Rally Fee.....$16.00 per personWater, 30-50 amp electric, sewer, cable.....$ 28.00 per dayDry camping in rally area...........$ 16.00 per dayCabins are available but are limitedWireless Internet is $1.00 per day "How It's Done", "How To Do It" , "Show & Tell", Seminars To Be Announced Thursday Activities:9am Check in begins. Receive your ENCORE RESORTS Welcome Bag (1 per rig)9am - 11am Coffee Bar & Donuts in the Resort Clubhouse1pm Tag-A-Long to the St. George Tabernacle and Visitor Center, TheBrigham Young Winter Home and, time permitting, The Jacob Hamblin Pioneer Home. These areall free tours.5pm Tag-A-Long to China Buffet for dinner, (Dutch Treat)7pm Fire Pit in the Rally Area, Bring your chairs and BYOB, enjoy goodcompany, renew acquaintances and make new friends Friday Activities;9am - 11am Coffee Bar & Donuts in the Resort Clubhouse12 noon Tag-A-Long to Zion Natl. Park (Dutch Treat) approx. 4.0 hrs5pm Dinner: Pot Luck. Bring a dish to share, Resort will provide entree.6pm Nickel's Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round Show (Pass the Hat)7:30 - 9:30 Hang out at the Pool, BYOB (no glass) Saturday Activities:9am - 11am Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls & Coffee Bar in the Resort Clubhouse9am - 11am Craft Sale & Swap Meet1pm TBA5pm Dinner Show: Taco Plate= Beef or Chicken, Red Rice, Beans & Dessert6pm The Michael Hargis Show (Pass the Hat) Sunday Activities:9 -10:30am Breakfast = Coffee, Hot Biscuits & Sausage Gravy4pm Pool Party- BYOB (no glass) and a chair to the pool.Music. "Minute to Win It" games with prizes.5 - 6pm BBQ Hamburgers and Hotdogs at pool side. Monday Activities;9 - 10:30am Farewell Coffee Bar & Donuts in the Resort Clubhouse12 noon Check out time Entertainment:The Michael Hargis ShowNickel's Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round& TBA - Guest Favorites -Heated Pool and Hot TubMini Golf / Basketball / Shuffelboard / Horseshoes / PickleballRally Friendly / Free Clubhouse and Planned Activities for your RallyGroup / $5 Meals/Entertainment $Cable and Wi-fi ($)Short drive to Zion and Bryce National Park, Lake Mead, and Grand CanyonClose to Quail Lake which offers boating, watercrafts, fishing and swimmingNature Trails / Red Cliffs State ParkBiking trails: paved or extremeLaundry and Shower FacilitiesPicnic area and playgrounds / Gazebo JOIN IN THE FUN! - Register Now! *Special Thanks to Jack Conrad for the use of his rally templates* Questions & additional information contact:Michael or Christi HargisManagersSt George RV ResortAn ENCORE Resort5800 N. Old HWY 91Hurricane, UT 84737(435) 879-2212(435) 879-2422 Fax(435) 237-2322 Cell All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ALOHA Papa Bus

Its hard to believe its been a year since we saw Papa Bus. Now when I say Papa Bus I mean Papa and Donna Morgan. We got to spend some quality time with them and Bob, "Bob Of The North" and his wife Marilyn in Quartzsite, AZ last year at the "Q" Bus Rally. Sometimes when you 1st meet someone, you just know you will be friends for life and thats how we felt then and even more so now. About a month ago Christi got a call from Papa Bus that they were heading south from their home in Canada for their yearly vacation to the states. Christi told them that they must be our guests here in St. George, Utah. Papa called me from Az for directions and said they would be here on Thursday. A week ago, Thursday morning, I got a call from a Mark Morgan stating that they were in Lost Wages and they lost the directions to our resort. At this point I had no idea who Mark was and gave him directions like any other guest looking to stay at our resort. Then he said something about the bus running great or making good time in the bus and I realized it was "PAPA BUS". I got off the phone and told Christi they would be here in 3 or so hours. I have to admit I was excited! you know, to see the Bus. That afternoon the roar of a Detroit Diesel came in the drive. Christi said " Papa Bus is here!" I ran out to greet them like a little kid going to the candy store. It was so good to see them. I think Papa was a little taken back when I gave him a Big Hug. Then Donna got one. We had a great visit. We invited them over our house for dinner, we ate in town twice, had coffee and talked every chance we got. I wish Donna was not so hard on our car door handles. She tore one right off the door, handed it to me and said " This handle is Defective!". So I told her from now on I would open the car doors for her as if she were the Queen herself. Papa Bus only stayed for 3 days, Way to short if you ask me! They stopped for coffee and goodbyes on their way north. We talked about next years visit and of putting together a "After Q Rally" here in St. George. Sad to see them go. Its hard to believe its been a year since we saw Papa Bus.
ALOHA Papa Bus, until next year my friends, we will miss you.
All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/
Pictures are of Papa Bus in front of our home in Leeds, Ut

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone. May this year be the best of all. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hello all, Christi and I are now living in St. George, Utah. We were transferred from San Diego to mgt. a RV Resort for Western Horizons in April. In early July the Resort was sold to Equity Life Style and became a ENCORE Resort. We were offered the mtg. job and took it. We now have a house in Leeds, Utah that is 4 mins. from the park. Things are going well for us, our son Jared has moved back back here and is doing great in his new school. We plan to stay here until he is done with school. Mrs Jones is sitting on a space at the resort without her furniture. We removed all of it to put in the house. This will be a good time to change somethings in the ole' girl. We built a small stage in the resort clubhouse and are currently doing our show every other Sat. during the season that will end on Dec. 1st. Off season we stay open but we will have time to do a few shows down south. We hope that some of our friends will come by to see us. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bus Learning Curve in Ramona, CA (part 1)

The Bus Learning Curve in Ramona, CA On the return trip from the "Q" rally we were coming down a steep hill with a stoplight at the bottom. All RV'ers hate these hills! Well the bus had a hard time stopping. It did stop, but just in time. Now that hit me a little hard in that I felt that I was not in complete control. I sad to myself, " Why didn't I make time for BOTN to show me how to adjust the bus brakes". So I got on the bus board and asked for help. I asked for Show & Tell help. the request sat there for a couple of days until Buswarrior stepped up and asked the board to help me out. I got some offers to bring the bus out on a weekend to another busnuts house, but I work on every weekend. Then Bob Evans (BOTN) changed his plans to come and help. We built bus ramps, Adjusted the brakes on the rears and tag. Went over a lot of the bus systems under this monster. It was a little unnerving crawling around under a bus. It's so big and there is no were to go if something fails and the bus should come down on you. It took me most of the day to get over this fear. But Bob is a great teacher and helped me through it. Then we, or I should say Bob worked on the Jake Brakes. He found a brake in the connection from the dash to the switch that sits on top of the engine. He installed a new wire and We now have Jakes! He then installed a air hose connection at the front auxiliary air tank. That's going to come in handy! Not only did he work on Mrs. Jones but he and his wife Marilyn put on 2 seminars for our resort guests. One on Blogging and the other on Busing into Mexico. Then to bet all, they treated Christi and I to home made lasagna. They are truly good people and we are proud to call them our friends. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bus Learning Curve at the "Q"

The Bus Learning Curve. It has been an on going thing learning about a bus. All the systems that came with it and all that we have added. That's my job, I have the task to keep this ol' girl rolling down the road. Only thing is I have no training in this bus world. So I say, Thank God For Bus Nuts! I have received a lot of good information off the web, as I have posted here in the past, but there is nothing that compares to hands on instruction from another bus owner. The hard thing is to find one that has the time for bus show and tell. We got to meet a few Bus Nuts at the "Q" Rally, (Quartzsite, AZ), hosted by Larry & Carol Hall. Pappa (Stormcloud) helped me install a small inverter to run the refrigerator as a last resort when there is no power to be had. I told Bob(BOTN)Evans about the brakes feeling a little sluggish and the jakes not working at all! Bob offered to show me how to adjust the brakes when I had the time and he took a look at the jakes. In the very limited time we had, Bob found that the jakes work but were not getting a signal. What ever that meant? We didn't have the time Iwe needed due to the rain, But I did learn a lot. We had a great time at the "Q" and we will go again. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/