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Monday, November 5, 2018

The search is over! We found the Bus for Us!

One year ago......The search was over! We found the Bus for Us!
Meeting Miss Neo.
After 5+ years of searching for a suitable bus, Christi & I grabbed out backpacks and got on a plane to Gold Hill, Oregon to Meet Miss Neo.
Miss Neo is a 1986 40' Neoplan 2001-4 conversion with a slide. Gary & Josie Womack offered her on the BCM website

Well we are so excited, we have looked at hundreds of busses in our budget over the past 5-6 years, has it been that long?, We are so grateful to all or busnut friends and Bus Conversion Magazine

All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

I couldn't resist the call of the siren 7690 Super Chet!

I couldn't resist the call of the siren 7690 Super Chet!
Gretsch 7690 Super Chet 1976
Does anyone know this Gretsch? or
The past owner "Bill Rhodes" from Atlanta, Ga?
https://reverb.com/item/10644561-gretsc ... -1976-s144

Before pictures at the link above.
Top Material: Maple Top
Body Material: Maple Body
Body Details: Maple top, back, and sides.
Neck Material: Maple Neck
Fingerboard Material: Ebony Fingerboard
Neck Profile: D
Neck Thickness (IN): 1st fret: .76", 12th fret: .92"
Fingerboard Radius: 12.00
Nut Width: 1-3/4 in
Neck Details: Three-piece maple/walnut/maple neck with triple-bound ebony fingerboard. Neck has been re-fretted.
Electronics: Pickups are original. Master volume control, along with volume and tone controls for each pickup. All electronic components are original except for the bridge tone pot that was replaced with an era-correct replacement. Jumper wires were added at the connecting points of the pickup leads and the harness.
Pickup Measurements: Bridge: 4.1K, Neck: 4.0K
Hardware: Bridge has been replaced. Neck has been re-fretted.
Weight: 8 lbs 4.9 oz
Modifications / Repairs: Bridge has been replaced. Neck has been re-fretted. Bridge tone pot was replaced with an era-correct replacement. Jumper wires were added at the connecting points of the pickup leads and the harness. Nut end of the fingerboard has been re-glued to the neck.
Case: Hardshell Case
Cosmetic Condition: Finish checking throughout guitar. Dings in binding. Buckle rash has worn through the finish on the back. Play wear on the back of the neck has worn through the finish on the treble side. Some areas of tear-out in the fingerboard from a previous re-fret.
It’s a Gretsch thing!

More on the Super Chet
Well my 1976 Super Chet will be here in a day or so, I am not worthy of this guitar, I have only started to learn 1 year ago. I have been a lead singer for over 40 years (I am 59y/o) and always loved the look of a hollowbody and how people could play them. Many times in the past I took lessons things just didn't click. So at the age of 58 I said to myself....Self....it's time to put your nose to the grindstone no matter what..My goal is not set high like before. I just want to play and sing around a campfire, just a hand full of old songs for Sing-a-longs. I have touched a guitar everyday 3 times or more, sometimes only for a min or two and sometimes for hours. On line lessons off Youtube and other players for a tip here and there. It's slow BUT it's working. I am up to 4 songs without adding choice words I learned in the Navy.
Now about that guitar that is coming... I could not afford or justify buying a guitar the can run 2k up to 7k? I am a Great entertainer ""Pat, Pat" but the cost of touring is high so the take home pay was lacking to say the least. So I bought a Silver semi-hollow Ibanez to learn on BUT the neck was to small at the nut and I was thudding the Cowboy cords. I have big hands. Then I found out the all guitars are not made the same! I Know! So I found a old 1950 Silvertone hollow body with a wide neck, 1.3/4 in, and things got better. I sold the Ibanez and made a dollar on it and so I started to buy and sell used guitars to make money to fund a nice guitar. As time went by the guitars got better and the more I learned about the brands and models the better the guitars got. It has only taken a little over a year and 135 deals to be able to buy the guitar of my dreams. Yeah, some guitars cost me money to sell but what I have learned is pricless. I love to Hot Rod and Theme out all kinds of guitars.
The Super Chet in route is not the best one on the shelve, no where near Mint and far from Excellent,But it will be mine to have and hold....and Play. The wiring is failing and some parts have been replaced but It's a true 1976 Super Chet. I will do a few things to make it the best it can be...for me.
If anyone wants to stop bye I will be glad to let you play it. I'm in Winterhaven Ca and St. David Az managing RV Parks
email; michael@michaelhargis.com
Link to the Super Chet that I bought; https://reverb.com/item/10644561-gretsc ... -1976-s144
P.S. If any one knows this guitar or the past owner (Name on the case) Please let me know, thanks.

   When it arrives I know I have some work to do on her, someone added jumpers to the failing wiring and the pots can't be trusted so I am looking at TV Jones Harness.

I am thinking about mounting everything in the body like the 6120.
I like that set up alot
I have these TV Jones pups I want to mount in it.
I'll size them up when the Super Chet arrives.
Also thinking mud s/w, like Chete's 72' or a full on varitone
Call me crazy
The parts that I am removing..... I'm thinking of a shadow box, I just ordered Chet's album with the Super Chet on the cover
If it was in better shape I wouldn't think of it, but it is failing. The Country Gent has holes in the body for pots so why not make this all it can be?

   And so it begins; Message to the Seller:
Hello, I received the Super Chet yesterday and have been running it through it's paces. I am both happy and un-happy with it. 
I have always wanted one of these and it just fits my hands so I can play it. But... Here is what I have found that I would like you to address;

Guitar has a musty/BO smell coming from the inside (F holes), I asked 2 times if there was any smell to the guitar and was told No. 
Guitar is very, very dirty. Needs to be pro cleaned. 
Guitar's electronics in the pick guard have issues; 
Top master Vol pot is grounding out/buzzing when touched also cuts out completely when adjusting on the fly. 
The other 4 pots crackle and buzz with the bottom one cutting out completely when touched.

So bottom line, I still like the guitar but clearly it is not playable as is, as advertised. 
I know that fixing the electronics in the pick guard would not be cost effective so I can modify the guitar by installing a new wiring harness like the G6120 for $145.00 If I do the labor. 
And a pro cleaning with Ozone treatment cost $125 locally. 
Will you compensate me for the above? 
Thank you for your time, 
Michael Hargis

I think this is very fare.....
The Pick Guard controls are toast............

     All is good, the seller paid for the fix. Very happy now with the Super Chet. It just fits my large hands. I have ordered the new wiring, S/W's and pots. Bigsby arrived. Good stuff

1976 Gretsch 7690 Super Chet Guitar with Blacktop Filter’Tron in Autumn Red Finish

The Gretsch 7690, One of the very few stunning guitars produced during Gretsch’s Baldwin-owned period, the Super Chet was Chet Atkins’ attempt at merging the
 best of his legacy electric Gretsch hollowbodies from the Fifties and Sixties with the archtop jazz guitar aesthetic he so admired in the other contemporary
 jazz guitarists of his era, namely Johnny Smith, Tal Farlow, and Wes Montgomery.

The 7690 Super Chet came in two finishes.. a wine/autumn red stain, and walnut.
 Its rounded cutaway, maple hollow body with white-bound f-holes, 17" lower bout, 2-piece maple neck with a center stripe joining the body at the 18th fret
 featured a stunning cream-b-w-b-w double-bound body, with cream-b-c-b-w-bound headstock and b-c-b-c-b-c-b side purfling.
Ornate as they get with the abstract CA initial inlay on the head stock (chet atkins)
This 7690 features Gretsch's Blacktop Filtertron Pickups. From 1967 to 1985 A number of pickups of differing quality also began replacing the
 Filter’Tron altogether, such as the Blacktop Filter’Tron. The Blacktop pickups are very good sounding, and have "that great Gretsch Sound" kind of tone.

The Gretsch Super Chet has great aesthetic respect right alongside other more ornamented Gibson and Epiphone archtops of its era.

This instrument is in Very Good Condition for its age. There is finish cracking all over the guitar as well as some surface scratches and
 minimal dinging around the binding and ware through the clear coat on the back ans neck.

What makes this guitar special: One of the few Baldwin-era Gretsch models that truly knocks it out of the park, these well-appointed Super Chets have
 a playability and characteristic sound unmatched by most of their contemporaries. This particular piece is in stellar condition, with zero binding rot,
 and ample life left in the frets. The slim maple neck is incredibly comfortable, and affords effortless maneuverability up and down the length of the beautiful
 dark rosewood fingerboard. Its been professionally setup by our expert in-house luthier, and will arrive ready to play out of the case.

Cosmetic condition: Great shape for its age, with some standard playwear throughout. Various scratches, nicks, dings, scuffs, and light buckle rash,
 with some minor oxidation on the hardware. The original bridge and base have been swapped for a fixed Tune-O-Matic style bridge. The original is included
 in the case, but has been modified.

Body: hollow maple body finished in walnut with dual f-holes, top, middle, and bottom binding. Abalone inlaid trapeze tailpiece with fixed Tune-O-Matic
 style bridge on rosewood base, and Super Chet pickguard with built-in-electronics.

Weight: 8 lb, 6.1 oz

Neck: Slim maple neck with black side dots and mother-of-pearl fleur de lis inlays. Double bound ebony fingerboard is in marvelous shape, and frets show almost
 no visible wear at all, with a ton of use left in them. Bound headstock with abalone inlaid Gretsch logo and blossoming flower. Gold Grover tuners with butterbean
 tuning buttons function perfectly. Neck is straight and plays like absolute butter up and down the length of the fingerboard.

Electronics: Dual FilterTron humbuckers with 3-way pickup selector switch and mini-control knobs, 2x individual volume, 2x tone, and 1x master volume.

Case: Original Gretsch hard shell case included.

Includes Hardshell Case.
Top Wood:  Maple
Back Wood:  Maple
Scale:  25 1/2"
Nut Width:  1 77"
Setup High E: 2/32"
Setup Low E: 2/32"
Weight : 9.0 Lbs
Serial Number:  6-8114
Neck Wood:  Maple
Fretboard:  Ebony
Bridge:  Original Bigsby
Bracing:  Tressle
Headstock Shape:  Solid
Headstock Overlay:  Black
Headstock Inlay:  Gretsch Logo
Tuners:  Gold Schaller
Inlays:  Abalone Tulip & CA (Chet Atkins initials)
Purfling:  B-W-B-W
Body Binding:  Ivoroid
Fretboard Binding:  Ivoroid
Headstock Binding:  I
Pickguard:  Black with Gold Logo and Controls
Nut Material:  Bone
Saddle Spacing:  2"
Neck Profile:  Slim C
Pickup(s):  Baldwin Era Blactop Filter’Trons
Case:  Gretsch Hardshell Case
List price:  $5,900.00

other seriel #'s
9-6039=July 1976 39th built
Moddified by Hot Rod Hargis 10/10/18

Mud Switch.
Reversed Contact 3 way Toggle, north toggle .047 Audio Capacitor
south toggle .022 Audio Capacitor
Middle, switch bypass.

Varitone, 6 position Rotary Switch, shortening, 
Position 1, .001 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor
Position 2, .01 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor  
Position 3, .015 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor  
Position 4, .022 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor 
Position 5, .033 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor
Position 6, .047 NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitor 

Redundant wiring where possible especially ground wires.

I named her "Black Sheep"

All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/