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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Careful what you wish for! (michael)

Careful what you wish for! The ad stated; 1952 Crown Coach previously converted to RV. Hall-Scott 'pumpkin' six-cylinder gas engine needs work. Must be moved from current location by very large wrecker. Would be ideal for metal salvaging, as coach is built like the proverbial "tank"; guessing weight to be 10-13 tons. Found this one on Craig's list. OK, What just happened??? Deep breath, close your eyes, cross your fingers, tap your heels 3 times and make a wish. Wait! Lets go over this again. Search the web, find an ad, 6 e-mails, 1 phone call, 30 min. in the suv, a map, a greeting, a hand shake and we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere AZ in cloud of dust and a title with the former owner yelling "good luck" as he speeds out of site. Hey, I wished for an affordable, older, 40 ft. bus. I guess one has to be specific when one wishes. Well, it won't start, "didn't see that coming". I called " the big tow truck guy" and made a deal to tow the Hulka to tombstone for $200. When he got there, he changed the agreement to the tune of $500. We sent the *%X^#.. liar down the road. Now were stuck. What ever happened to when one gives their word in a deal? People like that should be stripped of all they have to teach them a lesson. O, I could go on!!! Deep breath, close your eyes, cross your fingers, tap your heels 3 times. Wait for it, wait for it, Nothing... We'll keep you posted.