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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chunch Time (michael)

Crunch Time
So many things to do and we are running out of time. The house is sold, more like, passed on. Down to 1 car. 1 more trip left to the thrift store. 1 to the recycling center. Yard sales are over. Conversion inspection on Weds. Mean while, the plumber is plumbing, we are trimming, painting, fabricating, wiring, installing, tiling, flooring and well, you get the picture. There is a lot that we know how to do and we are finding that there is a lot we don't know. But on the bright side, we are learning more with every passing day. Oh, the passing day thing, we are down to just 8 days before "Shake Down". Things are coming along well. I would like to have a little more done like the roof airs. But, all in all things are well. A good thing is we have a 30 day shake down. The whole month of June to tweak Mrs. Jones. We will need it.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got Windows? FedX Opps! (michael)

Got Windows? FedX Opps! Mrs. Jones got a big pak of windows on Thursday. Doug Olson of Langley, OK is converting his 1992 MCI 102C3, 6V92, HT740 and was kind to donated 5 side windows so Mrs. Jones can get her grove back. I could not wait to put them in. We picked them up from Tombstone Hardware & Feed. They have a forklift to unload the 350 lbs required by the handler. Mr. West, owner of the hardware store stated the FedX lady was mis-handling the package while putting it on a pallet. Doug did a great job of packing But, I could see that the bottom frame was out of place. We got them home and I got after it. Unpacked the 1st window, Perfect! Fit like a glove. Mrs. Jones cried for more. 2nd & 3rd were very nice too. Then came the bad news, windows 4 & 5 are broken! Rats! Ok, so there was wood sheeting on top and bottom, shrink wrap in over kill mode, windows were in their frames and signs that clearly stated "Glass, Handle with care". I guess some people just don't like glass! Well the cracked windows are better then nothing so I put them in also. I put the good ones on the drivers side so at least one side of the bus looks good. Christi call the FedX claims dept. and they sent forms fill out and hoops to jump through. After 49 years I still don't understand why we get punished for other peoples mistakes? Somethings never change. Christi, I & Mrs. Jones want to thank the Olsons for all their help and kindness. We owe them a big one.
In with good and out with the bad.
My balancing act.
A little to the right.
Now thats a nice view!
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Start Modifications for Roof Airs (michael)

Start Modifications for Roof Airs Phil stopped by on Sat. He said he had some pressing things to do so he could not help out today. But he did bring a new face to play with Mrs. Jones. Pat Mulvena is a gen. contractor in Tucson, AZ. Phil told him that if he could come down and work with us, we would have a barbecue or a picnic or something. Phil dumped Pat off and sped off like we had the swine flu. I asked Pat what he would like to do and he said "Lets start modifications for the roof airs". So we got into it. The roof airs are used, but they are all that was in the budget. We had some problem solving to do. I have never installed a roof air before and by the end of the day, I still haven't. Pat did a great job converting the emergency hatches to hold the airs. We cut holes for the air flow. Removed the fiberglass insulation and the locking mechanism. Then we filled the void with foam. We put them back in place and we will install the airs on another day. We also installed new motor mounts on the temp. Coleman genny. Thank you Pat for all your help. I would work with you anytime. Sorry about the barbecue.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back Splash Done, Tin Ceiling Started (michael)

Back Splash Done, Tin Ceiling Started Dad (Randy Smith) came over last Friday to grout the kitchen back splash. He and Mom are heading to Texas for a month and then they will meet us in Blue Mesa, CO. Chirsti just loves her new back splash. Its a real class act. Thanks Dad. Later that day I started to install the tin ceiling in the bedroom.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. Halls Toys & Parts for Mrs. Jones (michael)

Mr. Halls Toys & Parts for Mrs. Jones While the Toad was getting hooked up on Thursday we took Phil's van and made a trip to the Hall's ranch for some bus parts. Carol and Larry Hall hosted the GM rally we sang at in March. We didn't have our camera with us at that time, but we did this time. All I can say is "a boy and his toys". This guy has the toy box to keep them in. The Halls have an old mining property that has an old maintenance building on it. Here are some pics of his toys: Larry said he may scrap out this scenic cruiser. Very Sad! Larry & Carol sold us some bus parts that we really needed. Thank you so much. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/

Big Day for the Toad (michael)

Big Day for the Toad
Last Thursday we drove the Toad to Redline in Tucson. Thats where Our Phil Guy works. He told us to bring the Jeep up so he could install the tow hitch and the stage mount. We knew that Phil worked on cars and built bikes But look at these:
http://www.redlineservice.com/ is the link should you feel the need for speed. It was dusk bye time we got back and the toad was done. Great job Phil and thank you.
All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/