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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Set back... (michael)

Set back... This whole dream of hitting the road came about when my dear brother william got it in his head that the IRS was going to take away his birthday along with all his earthly belongings and he was going to move on to an Indain reservation, ???? don't ask!. Now in his deranged free for all he tried to give away the class a motorhome that we had sold to him sohe would not be living under a bridge somewhere. The motorhome is a 1992, 36ft. Gulfstream that was had lived in while shopping, buying, remolding & moving into our home. There was only minor repairs to do on the rig when we sold it to him and he lived in it for about 1 year to date. When his came to us with this absurd idea, we said that we would put it back in our name until this passed and his use of it could be maintained. He said, a homeless lady with 5 dogs agreed to take over the pmts. We don't know this girl and we would not have sold the rig to anyone save a family member in need. So, we said, NO. My dear misguided brother said, well if that is the way its going to be? you can just take it back. By this time william had found and old mobile home in st. david, az and moved into it. We told him, we will take back the rig & you should keep your new home and fix your IRS problem. 3 weeks of our dream plan had gone by when I call william to pick up th rig. He said, ok but don't be mad! Up to this point, we have starting in moition the big dream as our blog would indacate. I told my loving wife that I should go alone to help him remove all of his belongs from the camperand just in case something is out of order, I could fix it. OMG, What mess, He has ripped the whole rig apart, Heance the , Don't be mad comment. The bedroom, Gone. Closets, Gone. Dinette, Gone. Even the dashboard, yes, the gages, housing, all gone. Again, OMG. I turned to my brother and said commly, I can see that you have a grand plan to make this rig just the way you want it and now your stuck with it. He agreed to make the pmts. and I went home to break the news to my tolerant bride. Long story longer, we are without a rig to hit the road with. So, the search is on for a new to us rig. We will post as it goes. more hell or high water, were going! Michael & Christi