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Friday, March 6, 2009

Other Stuff (michael)

Other Stuff Stuff is a cunning beast. Just when you think you have gotten rid of the dead weight, it changes it's tactics. Oh yes, the Thrift Store still sings our praises as we arrive for our weekly deposit. Bags and boxes are carted inside while my hard fisted, eagle eyed wife stands guard like an Amazon warrior (a dream of mine) at the SUV making sure the beast doesn't sneak back into our realm. But then the oddest thing occurred. Other Stuff started showing up. Our friends began bringing Stuff. Good Stuff. They see a large MCI in our driveway as they follow the small town rumors to our door step. They give a courteous "hello", slow down and say "Hi" or start an idle conversation to get a peek inside. "Oooos" and "aaahhhs". We tell them our conversion plans and how much there is to do. Then, as if we asked them to volunteer to vanquish a rabid wolf, they vanish! I did say odd things were happening. An hour or perhaps, a day goes by and they come back with Stuff. Good Stuff. Each time they arrive with this Stuff, Christi stands with wonderment in her eyes. "Hey, this is good Stuff". We are getting water tanks, both fresh and gray, tile for the bathroom and kitchen, a power converter, an RV toilet, a gas generator and lots more and it keeps coming. Good Stuff. Great Stuff! Today, Christi went to the computer and started making a list of all the good Stuff. She showed me the Stuff list. "Look, look at all this Wonderful Stuff", she says. Can you see what has happened? The Beast! The Beast has changed into a cute, cuddly, little have to have it. My Amazon warrior has been hood winked. And I must say that I too have fallen back under the Stuff Spell. The sleepless dream of swimming in Stuff. I love Stuff, but we must keep our heads. Now it has to be the right Stuff. The Stuff that will help us get on the road again. The Stuff that dreams are made of. All the Best, Michael & Christi Please Comment Below

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