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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

About our MCI Bus (michael)

About our MCI Bus
MCI 102A3 Bus 1985 - 1992 Advantages - great value, high quality, designed for 30 years/3 million miles, sub-frame/engine area 90% stainless steel/aluminum, easy to find parts, after market parts and body upgrade kits availableDisadvantages - popularity increases priceNotes - 102A3 means 102" side with 3 axles, heavier than the 102A2, only the passenger section of the bus was widened, with front windshield and assembly remaining 96-inches wide, body widens at an angle from the drive backwardsConversion Issues - good for all conversionsSpecifications - Length: 40 feet, Width: 102 inches, Height: 133 inches, Wheelbase: 285 inches, Turn radius: 44 feet, Typical Engines: DDA 8V-71, DDA 6V-92TA, DDA 8V-92TA, Seating: 43-49, Luggage: 319 cubic feet, Aisle width: 14 inches, Front door width: 24 inches
What more could one wish for and have it come true?
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