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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Removal of the ramp (michael)

Removal of the ramp Everything on this rig is built like a tank, even the ramp. 1st we need to clean the crud out of the screw heads. Lots of dirt crammed in them. I used a knife blade to break it up then blew it out. Remove the large Phillips screws then the small screws along the front sides. Then take your trusty flat bar and work it under the edge of the ramp to pry it up. When it pops loose, place a wedge under it so you can grip it with hands and lift it up and out of the floor. Do not step into the void as the plywood decking is only 1/4 inch thick and you may go through it. You will find more trash and coins here. Mmm, treasure! This ramp is stout, I'll have to find a good use for it. Mmm, salvage. Tomorrow, we frame in the void. Honey, get me the hammer and saw. We're Building, Baby!
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