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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tin Ceiling for the Bathroom (michael)

Tin Ceiling for the Bathroom
We have been looking at ceilings among everything else that goes into one of these behemoths. We have seen wood, as in: paneling, shiplap, bead board and exotic woods. Then there was carpet, both fine nap and shag. Plastic, cloth, mirrors, wallpaper and more. We did not see any embossed tin. We wanted something different in our bus. We had some tin leftover from a home we built, so I used it on the bathroom ceiling. Its a small space and Honey can see how it will look. Yes, I went right over the existing ceiling. The 2'X2' panels were quick to install with self-tapping screws. Tin snips were used for all the cuts. I backed out the screws in the ceiling trim, tucked the cut end under the lip then tightened the screws. Christi came out when I had two panels hanging, gave me a stink face and left. Then she came when I had over half of the ceiling up and said "this just might work". Then our dear friends Michael & Shirley Trotter came over and she was showered with compliments about it. I think she likes it. I put it on the shower ceiling also, it flowed better. I will seal the edges with clear caulk once I get her seal of approval. I love it. I think its a great solution. Its quick and we did not lose any head room.
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  1. I give the Thumbs Up to the ceiling tin. Should be easy to clean, (non absorbent) and it reminds me of the mirror effect a lot of high end coaches use. Nice finishing touch on the edges, got that antique look too!

    I am toying with the use of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) for my GM roof. A little spendy but very durable, washable, and a good vapor barrier.
    Big Sky Chef

  2. The first comment disappeared, so here goes. I really like the look! We used something similar as a kitchen back-splash, only it's made out of plastic. Looks Great!