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Friday, April 3, 2009

Plasma Cut Window Skins (michael)

Plasma Cut Window Skins Today my good friend, George Couch, plasma cut the window skins for our bus. George is the owner of Desert Rose Iron Works here in Tombstone, AZ. We picked up 5-4'X10' sheets of 20 gauge cold rolled steel. I took it to George's shop along with a side window frame. He put a tape on the frame, scribbled some numbers in a pad. Then he entered the numbers into his computer and this machine came to life. I helped him put the sheet steel on the table and the plasma cutter went to work. This thing cut through the steel like butter. It was fast and accurate. The plasma cutter made short work of of my steel. Thank you George, you're the best! Now, home to clean, prime and paint.
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