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Monday, March 30, 2009

Refrigerator, Freebie. Well, almost. (michael)

Refrigerator, Freebie. Well, almost. We got a call from our dear friends Doc and Mary Roach. They asked if we could pick up some appliances from their rental house 30 miles away. We said we could. Then he came back with, "OK, then you can have the refrigerator for the bus." Say What! And you can have the oak cabinet island. $$$CHA-CHING!!! They are just the right color that Christi wants in her kitchen. Another check off my list. The refrigerator will fit through the side window. Not bad for a half days work. We are going to need 4 strong men and a small boy to do it. Lol.
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  1. What a deal! Looking forward to pictures of the interior once you get the fridge & cabinet in. That is going to be a job, lifting that fridge through a side window.