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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Painting the Side Window Skins (michael)

Painting the side window skins I woke up this morning, got a cup of coffee and even made one for my gal. She is the best. She made us pancakes. Mmmm. Now with a full belly, I'm out the door. I set up the saw horses and used the long pallet the sheet steel came on as a table. First, Christi cleaned the skins with acetone. I sprayed a fine coat of primer and let dry for 1 hour. Then I applied three coats of white Rustoleum paint. Yes, from a can. This is a poor man's build. My fingers are killing me. We will finish four panels, mount them in the frames and see how they look.
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  1. Great Idea...If you were a Artist you could paint Mini-Murals...

  2. Are you leaving in the glass and just covering it up?