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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cabinets, Install Uppers (michael)

Cabinets, install uppers.
Honey has uppers. To install uppers 1st make a cardboard pattern of the arched corner. Make it as close as possible. Then scribe and cut the cabinets. We used a jigsaw. I made some "L" brackets from the scrap aluminum of the upper compartments and installed them to the inside front upper oak trim. Mmmm, Salvage! This holds the front up. I used 1/2 inch self tappers to affix them to the ceiling and 1-1/4 inch wood screws to hold them to the wall. And there you have it. Uppers for my baby.
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  1. Looking good guys and those window skins look good too. The antique ceiling looks great too. Hope to see the finished product this fall.

  2. Michael, Are the cabinets from Home Depot or similar? Looks great, keep going until she's finished!


  3. Yes,Home Depot. Found one with a damaged back and I asked for a discount. Got $50. off the one and paid full price for the 2nd one. Still did OK. M&C