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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Idle Hands? ( michael )

Idle Hands? I don't think so! We have some time until the bus arrives in the driveway and we jump into its refit abyss. We could rest on our laurels and wait. NOT! We are heeding the advice of our heroine and trailblazer Toast. She writes a hands-on sailing blog called Toast Floats ( blog.toastfloats.com/ ) that is good reading and quite entertaining. She suggested that we hit the websites with a live aboard theme and research, research, research. I have to say that we have found a wealth of information from bus conversion to places to spend the night for free. It's almost overwhelming. I have also found alot of sites that are not complete. The authors start out with great topics, lots of photos and step by step instructions and then...........................................Nothing. Ahhh hello!!! I got this thing off, now what do I do with it??? Then there are the Mega websites that have all the links one could ask for on the RV conversion topic. BUT, when you start to explore this mega vat, its empty. The multitude of links go nowhere. I look for a contact link............none, and when I do find one, I get no response. Then I find that alot of these sites have not been updated for years, yes, YEARS! It's like leaving 2 squares of toilet paper on the roll. Sure, the roll's not empty, but you sure can't finish the job with it! Isn't there some sort of web spider out there that targets these sites? Something to remind the authors to maintain their sites? If not, how about tagging the dead sites so we don't waste our time. Hey, Microsoft, anyone? I understand that sometimes the "life" thing gets in the way of ones good intentions and S*** happens. So why not give the site up? Ask for help, pass the torch or sell it! Hey, there's an idea. Ebay anyone? I could list all the dead ends and maybe I'll start a list. Hmmm, Maybe I'll call it "stale sites or dead links or don't give a rats rear.com. All I ask is that the authors of these dead/stale sites show some pride and responsibility. You showed you had it when you started the project. It's time you finished what you started. Complete the project. Update the site. Put a fork in it. DO SOMETHING! Idle Hands? Blaaaah........ All the Best, Michael & Christi

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