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Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting back on track ( michael )

Getting back on track. With all of the bus drama going on, we haven't stopped down-sizing. Each week that trickles bye, Christi remains on the lookout for stuff. She ventured into the Munchkin's domain last week. I did not see her or him for a full day. I did see boxes and bags of stuff appear just outside the portal of the forbidden waste land. The realm of our 11 year old is a high-tech cluttered cave at the end of the hall that emits sounds of horrible explosions, intense flashes of light and screams of bloody murder. Being an ex-military man, I damn near hit the dirt on my way to the bathroom when the red hot lead sprays out from the void along with the shrieks of zombies meeting their maker...again. How my wife mustered up the courage to enter such a vile place I'll never know. But, she did. She, with head held high stated, "I'm going in", and just marched right in. I would have at the very least thrown in a couple of frag grenades, then assault the fortress in the standard 2x2 formation. Not her! Armed with only a vacuum, trash bags and rubber gloves, she dove in. I love this woman. Hours later she emerged with victory in her eyes along with a small mountain of tween stuff banished to the local thrift store. Transportation of hoards is my job. Without haste, I load the SUV luggage rack with the things that were still alive, the rest went inside. I chained and locked down everything in fear that it may somehow crawl back into the forbidden zone, or more important, attack me! On the way I hit a pothole and something moved behind me as it let out a blood curdling scream. I powered through the feeling to bale and delivered the payload with due diligence. Arriving back home, I expected to see a stink faced tween and a disgusted mother, but instead, there was peace and harmony with a sense of pride. The rats nest had been transformed into an eye pleasing, young man's bedroom although those sounds are still there. All in all, we're all getting back on track. Wonders may never cease. All the Best, Michael & Christi Please Comment Below

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