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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bus Conversion Sites & Blogs "BUTS" ( michael )

Bus Conversion Sites & Blogs "BUTS" There are alot of them, at first glance. Some professional and some novice sites. BUT, when you take the time to look at them, there are only a few that are, in my opinion, helpful at best and then they are incomplete. I have found a site that offers the bible for bus conversions for $XX.95. It states that you can read it for free on line at said website, BUT, when you go there it says that you can read part of this guide from this date to this date, then this part from this date to this date, and so on. It would take you 6 mos. to get access to the whole thing. But, I said, "I'll give it a try". It takes time to convert a bus, BUT,there are no good links to the book, they just go nowhere. This is a professional site? The large bus conversion companies have some good bus stats and pictures, BUT no real conversion information. Now, this is not a bad thing. These guys want your biz. BUT, guys like me cannot afford their services so we have to fend for ourselves. The private sites have better results. BUT, I am finding them to be works in progress and incomplete. Some sites start out very descriptive with lots of photos, BUT stop cold after the roof gets raised or the inside gets ripped out. Some sites are very descriptive BUT have no photos that have anything to do with the information given. And I found sites that are quite the opposite. Some websites are just plain confusing with no real value whatsoever. I came upon a site that was very well put together with lots of links to other pages, BUT there is a statement on the front page, "I put the bus in storage until I have time to work on it". That was in 2006! I've found sites that state they have been working on their bus for 2, 3, 5 and even 10 years. TEN YEARS!?! This is not encouraging to me AT ALL! BUT, I also found sites that quickly put in the basics and hit the road within 3 months of buying their bus. BUT, then they are working on it while they travel. I can hear it now, "Is it done yet? Is it done yet?" Try listening to that everyday. Pros & cons for this one. Hmm, another topic to blog about. The bloggers and forums are very helpful on a case by case basis, BUT, you cannot go to a specific category. You have to search the months and years of archives and hope to get lucky. Or you can just ask the specific question and hope for the right answer. Basically start from scratch. If someone could bundle all this information into one user friendly site. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. I think all in all I have found just enough good information for a complete bus conversion. BUT, then again it may be just enough information to get us in alot of trouble. The internet info is still incomplete, BUT its coming along. You cannot find everything you need to convert a bus into a home in one place on the internet. BUT, with lots of research, I'm talking lots of time, you can find just enough to do it. OK, all BUTS aside. It seems to me that you need at least some skills in the building or the mechanics department and alot of time to learn how to convert those skills to fit your bus project. If you don't have some knowledge or someone to guide you, steer clear of the bus thing and buy a manufactured ready for the road RV. BUT, if you do have what it takes, you should find converting a bus one of the most fulfilling events one could experience in ones life time. From planning, buying, building, completing and then traveling with your new family member. It will be a dream, my dream, come true. No "BUTS" about it! All the Best, Michael & Christi Please Comment Below

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  1. Fellow Busnut...Found your blog with one of my google (bus conversion) alerts.

    There are a few bus links on my site.