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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its a dirty job but, someone has done it (michael)

It's a dirty job but, someone has done it. I dread the up coming event, and yet I can't wait for it to start! The research hours (and I mean hours of it), should come in handy. I can only hope it goes smoothly. In every article it seems the bus owner goes through the 7 gates of h*ll before slaying the putrid beast. Time and time again I read the out cries to the experts, "Heeeeelp, I can't go on like this." Is there another *%@* strap somewhere? UNCLE, Tag me. Please, I beg of Thee!!! They explain how they are covered from head to toe in crud, blood and frustration while chanting vile verses that would make a sailor cringe. Did these brave and brawny soles venture into this nasty task willy nilly? No research? No clue? I picture them standing alone in the bottom of of the deep pit with skin leaking where shards of stainless have pierced. A smoldering Saw-All clutched in filthy blue tinted hands as a deluge of rain drops fall down upon the defeated soldier. He looks up into the heavens and simply screams, WHHYYYY?!? It has all the makings of a true nightmare. Off course I'm talking about the removal of the bus privy. The stainless throne fortress that holds all the remnants of human "squat and leave its". I salute all those who have gone before me. This should rank up there with crossing the equator, H*ll week in college, earning the Arrow of Light or Eagle badge. There should be an annual convention just for Rolling Chamber Pot Removers and a boot camp that fledglings, like me, could go and listen to the ones who have been there, done that!" The Masters" And maybe, bring home a "How To" manual. And, don't hold me for a $59.95 ransom please. Some things should be gratis. At the very least, this one. I stand tall before the Gods. Its my turn now. It has to be done. I will go, but I will go in armed with all the information and required weapons I can find to dispatch the honey pot beast. My forefathers, my Masters, will be guiding my hands as I endeavor to cut the crap. Excuse the pun. Wish me luck. Wait! I have an idea, "Oh, Honey. I need a big, big favor..." All the Best, Michael & Christi Please Comment Below

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