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Friday, July 3, 2009

Blue Mesa, CO (michael)

Blue Mesa, CO 240 miles We woke up late, that mountain air is like a drug. We said our good-byes to Bob and off to the GAS STATION we went. Now we were told that the bus got 7.9 mpg. It turns out to be about 6! When we get to some rallies, I'll ask a bus nut to look at it. For now we have to feed the beast! Monarch Pass in CO is a nail biting way to go in a 102 x 40' bus. I don't think I relaxed my stomach until we arrived in Gunnison, CO. On a good note, Christi ooh'ed and ah'ed the whole way through the pass. It was cloudy for most of the trip and rained a little. Our bus is very dirty now. So much for the grand entrance. The toad looks more like a turd. We arrived in WHR Blue Mesa around 4pm. The lake is high and beautiful. The resort is like an old friend. I missed it. I helped build some of the park. We got a great space next to the clubhouse and with a shade tree. Very nice. We are seeing lots of friends. We are home, for 2 weeks anyway then we find another home. Isn’t having a bus fun?All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/


  1. We saw your show this evening and enjoyed it a lot. It was fun looking at the bus conversion. Very jealous of the big water heater. I do not think we have the courage to start from a bare hull like that.

    So what is the story on the ships wheel in the bathroom.

  2. Michaelmeister Dude! Your ole' friend the Budster would like to get in touch w/you. He's turning 50 in Sept and was even thinking of swinging by to see you (and meet Christi). Some friends of ours gave us a Class C and we're taking a week in Sept (his birthday & our 25th wedding anniversary) is the 23rd. If you're interested, contact him at budcraft@netzero.net. Thanks, Karen

  3. I want an RV in addition to the boat - would be the best of both worlds!! Have fun and maybe we will see you somewhere down the road / water!