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Friday, July 3, 2009

Our 1st 450 Miles (michael)

Our first 450 miles are behind us. We are sitting at the Hollywood casino in San Felipe, New Mexico. Nex to the casino is a campground that Hilda & Randy Smith told us about for $10.00 per night. It has electric only with a dump station. We signed up for a card in the casino and got $5 free play each, so it panned out. This was our first long trip with Mrs. Jones and it went OK save some minor mishaps. About 30 miles down the road the sewer smell filled the rig. We put in some deodorizer to make the place livable. I will have to flush the tanks instead of just dumping them! As you know by reading our blog, all the glass was broken out of the bus when we got it. Trevor, the person we bought it from, had replaced the windshields and also replaced the small side glass with clear plastic. Well this didn't hold up very well at 70mph. The driver side popped out but I grabbed it in time to save it and Christi held it until I pulled over. We temporarily fixed it and moved on. Then the other side started to whistle! We need to find some windows bad!!! Lets see, what else, oh the brake lights would not work on the toad. Found a lose wire. I forgot to hook up the water pump to the batteries. “OOPS”. Had lunch in Lordsburg, NM. Then the “NOT GEN” light came on??? Then it went off, then it came on again. Then it blinked on and off for a minute and now its off!?! I am looking for it in the E-Manual that Dallas gave me but no joy yet. Going up Texas Canyon the engine temp. got up to 210 but she pulled the hill real nice. The whole trip Christi was finding all the things that were rattling, banging and falling and securing them. Oh and the Genny ran out of gas so, no air for a very short time. Christi likes her air conditioning. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey Guys, Make sure all of your p traps are full of water, next is the potty, make sure water is in it. Smell could be coming through the shower drain. Do you have your tank vented through the roof? If you had a window open, negative pressure will pull the smell into the coach. Are we havin fun yet!

    Be Safe,


  2. Hi Paul, thanks for the tips. Yes we are vented and no window. We are having a great time. All the Best, M&C