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Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Are Off Into The Sunset (michael)

We're Are Off Into The Sunset
Well, all the planning and all of the work is done. The time is at hand. Shake down is done. The good-byes are said. We hit the road in the morning. My confidence level is about 95% on the bus and 100% on the tour. The 5% is the unknown about a bus on the road. It was all almost overwhelming for me. I stand back and gaze upon the fruits of our labor. I think of all the great people that helped us get to this point and we thank them. Mrs. Jones is in good shape and we have enjoyed the last 3 weeks living in her. I feel a strange bond growing with the ol' girl. I have heard other bus nuts talk of this bond before. It is kinda like getting your 1st car feeling. It is very strange indeed! I have gotten rid of even more stuff. I have a little space opening up in the bays, well one anyway. Now it's off into the wild blue yonder. Next stop, Santa Fe, NM.
All the Best, Michael & Christi
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  1. That's great news! I've been wondering what you guys were up to, now I know. Have a trip, enjoy the ride and stay safe! Great photo of you guys BTW.


  2. Good luck and have fun :)


  3. Hadn't heard anything from you folks for a while - its good to hear you are mobile. Have fun and drive safe out there.