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Monday, February 9, 2009

Coach vs Bus ( michael )

Coach vs Bus I believe one has very few wishes in one's life so, I don't go around wishing for everything I see. My wife on the other hand, thinks that wishes are endless and so she wishes on things all the time. And then there is the fate thing that blows the wish thing out of the water. During the last month or so, I wished for a used, cheap, 40' bus and got it! (read last blog ) But then another wish or fate started kicking in. We received a call from a gentleman in Tucson, AZ that is willing to deal (the payment thing) on a 1987 MCI, wide body Tour Bus. Now that's the wish that I wanted. This bus is perfect for us. We can convert it to suit our needs. It looks great and it is within our comfort zone moneywise. Meanwhile we still have the 40' Crown coach. The Beast that refuses to move from the place it rests. We're still at a loss as to what to do with it. Never the less, we are going forward on the MCI. We just can't pass it up. This Sunday we meet the member of our family. We will post pics of our new child next week and start with the transformation from tour bus to a home. We will not get our hopes up until the new bus sits in the driveway. Yeah right!

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