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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Hinge for the Battery Door (michael)

New Hinge for the Battery Door The battery door hinge had the original rubber hinge on it that had failed. I asked around for a new hinge but thought to myself. Hey, I got parts. I looked through the ever growing pile and, Eureka! Stainless hinge. Found it on one of the inside storage compartment doors. I drilled out the rivets. Salvage! I removed the old hinge hardware rivets with a grinder. When I put the door in place we found there was a 3/4-inch gap/void between the top of the door and the frame. We have a piece of angle iron. I have an old bed frame in the garage that should do the trick. We cut it to size and screwed it in place. Then we set the door in place, marked and pre-drilled the fastner holes. Set the door in place and wedge it up to the correct plane. We then applied screws. Wow, thats nice. No more tape holding the door on.
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