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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Treasures found after the Bus Demo (michael)

Treasures found after the Bus Demo
Well, I guess you could call it Treasure. When we were ripping out the Int. of the bus, coins started turning up. Not a lot, mind you, But still enough to get ones hopes up. I am a Treasure Hunter from way back. I have all the standard Th'ing toys for coin shooting, cache hunting, nugget snipping and placer mining... So when coins start popping up, the hunt is on. I was not going to blog about this because we Th'ing'ers tent to keep our finds close to the hip. But, it made me wonder what other Bus Nuts have found while ripping their buses apart??? We found pens, about 30 of them, pencils, casino advertisements, buttons, photos, notes, a token, a commemorative coin, nuts, bolts, screws, a few coins, a small diamond ear ring and a small gold nose ring. The most interesting thing we found was wedged in the front drivers compartment. It is a card with a quarter glued to it and it reads "HELP, Although I cannot leave the accident scene, I must still notify my company as soon as possible. Please use the attached quarter to call my employer at: Then the driver and bus info. followed by, Thank you for your assistance. We didn't find this card until now because we are keeping this small upper locking compartment intact. I will come in handy on the road for maps, bus info... I was prepping it for the end cap when I found the card.
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