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Friday, October 23, 2009

Meeting & Greeting (michael)

Meeting & Greeting It is a very strange phenomenon living with a bus around you. Not just the fact that you built it to suit you and your needs and with the turn of a key, or flick of a switch in our case, it will take you to all points of this great continent. I am talking about the strange thing that happens every time we park. People, mostly men, stop and just stare at her. Not Christi, the bus! They just stand there looking up and down at her like they have been pulled back into their past or lost in a dream. Then the haze is gone from their eyes and they are at the door asking about her and reminiscing about the good old days driving for some big tour company. Their eyes light up as I take them through the bus. We talk about the past; theirs and ours, and the hours pass like minutes and before you know it, we are just like old friends. Now, can someone tell me what it is about an old bus? It does not seem to matter what year, make or model of bus you have. People seem to love looking and talking about them. We have made some great friends since we built Mrs. Jones and I am sure that we will make many more. It's a crazy life, but we sure feel safe with 15 tons of metal around us. All the Best, Michael & Christi See our other Blog;http://michaelhargisshow.blogspot.com/


  1. She sure is pretty. I love it that she still has her number, 764, over the door.

  2. Hi Mike and Christi!
    It's me, Jackie (Savoie) here in Tombstone. I was wondering if Sam (MY KID) and his pg new wife Michelle ever got in touch with you. They're up in Ventura, and pretty much 'homeless'. The baby's due in a month and they sure could use some sort of roof over their heads and some work. She had been working at Starbucks for quite some time, but they felt now she was too far along to work. Sam had no luck and he's been trying. Well, I hope they can contact you somehow...If not, they somehow managed to still have her cell phone.They're at 805-302-0198 if you would want to talk to them? I'm just worried about them and my new grandson. I hope all is well with you and take care. Jackie