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Friday, May 29, 2009

Roof Air (michael)

Roof Air I was going to wait on the roof air for a week or so But, I took Christi on a "show off" drive and she said that the air had to be next. So I said to myself, Why don't I install the roof air next! And I did.
I didn't know what I was doing. I never installed one before.
I just solved one problem and took it one step at a time. It took about 4 hours in all. The cold air flowed on the 1st try. A little trim and paint then on to the next task.
Here is the Batt. bank and inverter that I have yet to hook up. Still reading on this one.
And the 20 gal. elec. water heater.
My $20.00 yard sale tool box. I can unmount the box, put the wheels and have a roll around work table.
My good friend and brother Mason Larry Bowers gave us a 33 gal. air compressor. Very nice. Thank you Bear.
Look what we've done to our bathroom. Our singing land cruiser is coming to life.
Another view.
More plumbing
A little table to travel with.
Christi still caulking and painting.
Only 4 days left till we move in and go to our 1st park.
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  1. Very exciting times...Hoping you have a smooth transition.

  2. "brother Mason Larry Bowers gave us a ..."

    I must have missed this detail. Am I to understand that you travel from the East?

    Good luck with the last weekend of getting ready. I'm sure you are building on the square and level.

  3. Why yes I am. I have been a Master Mason for a long time and just became a Noble in the Shrine. Are you a fellow traveler Bob?

  4. I took my demit from the Shrine last winter because I wasn't active but I have maintained my Blue Lodge membership. Perhaps we can find a Lodge along the road somewhere.