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Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Months and counting ( Michael )

Yes, 5 months. It seems like a long time, but when we look at all that has to be done it's not that long at all. We started in the back room but quickly found that the garage had to go 1st. We backed up the utility trailer to the door and started loading. Tires, old computer components, out of date sound equipment, furniture and my old roller skates. Dartboards, sporting goods, car parts, back packs. Where did all this stuff come from? We are starting to feel like Toast felt. I stumbled over my Emmett Kelly Jr. collection. He was a very dear and close friend, we miss him. It just felt wrong to have all these precious items of his boxed up. So, deep breath, we are donating most of it to the Sabbar Shrine in Tucson, Az. They, we, I am a Shriner, do so much for the children. We will auction the items and support the Shrine. I know Emmett would have liked that. Then it was off to the Thrift Store to dump a load off. Well, no rest for the righteous and the wicked don't need it. We hit the back room hard. Another trailer load and we're done for the day. So much stuff! I'm glad our house is only 1,400 sft. We only have 1/2 the square footage that Toast had and you would think only 1/2 the stuff. Hmmmmm. Got to start booking shows soon, soon, very soon.

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